2014 Exhibition Archive 


Kathy Braud, Sandra Driscoll & Shelly Leitheiser

Great River Arts welcomes Kathy Braud, Sandra Driscoll & Shelly Leitheiser to our Main Gallery for the month of January with their collective exhibition “Art: Out of the Ordinary.” The show will be open for viewing from January 8 - February 1, with the opening reception happening on January 18th from 12- 2 pm, in conjunction with the “Minnesota on Canvas” reception for Randy Asseln.

Demonstrating years of experience, the artists portray traditional and nontraditional uses of watercolor and acrylic paints.  Each woman brings a multitude of techniques and themes to the exhibit, highlighted through bold use of color and expressive brushwork evident in each piece. The women are residents of Little Falls and St. Cloud, play active roles in the Central Minnesota Watercolorists and are lifelong supporters of the arts. This exhibition is a colorful treat for the frigid month of January. 

For more information on the individual artists please visit their websites: 






Great River Arts is excited to announce the Central Minnesota Watercolorists exhibition “Imagine Color,” on display in the Main Gallery from February 5th - March 1st. The opening reception for the exhibition will be held on February 15th from 12 - 2pm at the Great River Arts Center in downtown Little Falls, featuring live music by Harpist Amanda King.

Central Minnesota Watercolorists began as a small group of artists that held their first official meeting on January 19, 1981. As the group developed and expanded they began hosting members exhibitions and encouraging professional development. The twenty members featured in “Imagine Color” present an elite collection of watercolor painting techniques that fill the gallery space with color and wonder. Through a variety of themes the artists exemplify traditional and nontraditional elements of watercolor painting that offer viewers a great representation of the diversity water color encompases. For more information on the CMW please visit their website:



Great River Arts is pleased to welcome Randy Asseln to the Red Gallery for his exhibition “Minnesota on Canvas.” The show will be on display in downtown Little Falls from January 8th - March 1st. Consisting of large and small scale canvas prints, this collection of images addresses the many wonders of Minnesota from nature to hockey. Join the artist and his family for the opening reception on January 18th from noon to 2 pm at Great River Arts, light refreshments will be provided.

After his family had grown and become more independent Asseln was able to focus on his passion and devote himself to creating breathtaking images. When discussing his work Asseln describes his artistic inspiration as “Working to capture the beauty of God and His creations.” Choosing to utilizing photography as the medium to share that joy and beauty with others, Asseln works truly capture the awesomeness of life.  For more information about the artist, visit his website at http://randyasseln.com.



Great River Arts welcomes the Little Falls Community High School to our Main Gallery for the annual Student Art Exhibition open from March 5th - March 29th, highlighting hand selected works by Little Falls Community High School students.  The opening reception will be held on Saturday March 8th from 1 - 3 pm and there will be live music played by the Flyer Jazz Combo.

This annual collaboration between the Little Falls Community High School and Great River Arts gives students a chance to exhibit work in a professional environment, while also creating an opportunity for students to share their work and talent with the community.  Works featured in the Student Art Exhibit cover a range of media showing the diversity of classes available at the high school. Viewers can expect everything from drawings to quilts. During the month of March student work from the elementary and middle schools will also be on display in the Great River Arts satellite galleries at the Family Medical Center and the Government Center. Please make time in your schedule to appreciate the talent of our young, aspiring artists!


Great River Arts is proud to present a sample collection of works by Joseph Hynes for his first public exhibition in the GRA Emerging Artist Gallery. The three pieces in the exhibit show intense attention to detail and a beautiful color palette, skillfully rendered in acrylics on board. We hope to see more fantastic work from Hynes as his career as a painter develops. 



Exhibition Dates: April 2 - May 31, 2014

Opening Reception: April 19, 5:30 - 7:30 pm 

Great River Arts is pleased to welcome Staples artist, David Rickert to the Main Gallery for SEE WORTHY, a collection of Nautical Images and Waterscapes. The show will be on display from April 2 - May 31 with the opening reception happening on April 19 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. After the reception guests are invited to stick around and enjoy the Michael Shynes concert for $10.

SEE WORTHY is delightfully composed exhibition of Rickert’s paintings that highlights brushwork and color sensibility. Rickert’s attention to detail captures recognizable traits of waterscapes and nautical themes, but his unique manipulation of value and color create a feel of excitement that makes the body of work exceedingly intriguing.  From very painterly to systematically detailed oil and acrylic paintings, the exhibit explores a wide variation of painting techniques and uses. When describing his work Rickert states, “I take free reign with color, using it to express a mood and/or enhance what may in reality be a bland subject.” The exhibit is a beautiful treat and a fantastic way to welcome in warmer weather.


a collection of works by Bev Gold

June 4 - August 2, 2014

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 26     6-8 pm

Great River Arts is pleased to announce the opening reception for local artist Bev Gold, and the Gears to Piers exhibit at the Great River Arts Center. The exhibit, including a variety of Gold’s work ranging from her intricate gear drawings and paintings to her more abstract pieces, will be on display June 4th through August 2nd.The reception will be held on Thursday, June 26th from 6-8pm. Great River Arts would like to extend a warm welcome for families, friends and the public to join the artist, along with the Great River Arts staff and board, for an evening filled with beautiful art, refreshments and background music provided by Steve Stumpf.

From Pierz, MN, Gold enjoys creating paintings of machinery. Her passion for industrial machinery derived from her father, a machine shop foreman, her husband, a tool and die maker, and her sons that have an interest in machines and machine tools. Other interests for Gold include various marine subjects such as lighthouses and sailboats, along with oil-platforms.

One of Gold’s inspirations for her paintings comes partly from the countries she’s visited. Having been to China, Turkey, Israel, Greece, and Austria, Gold has created paintings of striking churches, spiral staircases, and castles. Primarily she works with acrylic on both canvas and board, spending at least eight hours a day painting while listening to books on tape.  The paintings can take anywhere from a week to three weeks to complete. This will be her first art exhibition at Great River Arts.





Great River Arts is excited to announce the display of Donna Jean Carver’s artwork at the Family Medical Center. The display is located in the Family Medical Center waiting room, and is open to the public, the work will be on display from now until the end of July. Carver works mostly in acrylic paintings with subjects ranging from farm to spring scenes.

As a Willmar resident and member of the Willmar Area Arts Council, she has displayed at several galleries, but this is the first time her work is displayed anywhere in Little Falls. Her latest work can be described as rustic paintings, some done on vintage feed/seed sacks, or recycled denim. Carver uses her own memories or photos of her time on the farm to create some of her most striking paintings. She believes that her paintings remind people of a simpler time.

Carver has worked with paint, canvas, yarn, fabric, and wood. Aside from painting, she has created various works in the sewing arts using embroidery, painting, and appliquèing. Her works include dolls,quilts,clothes, and pillows all of her own original design. Many of her designs have been published in national sewing and craft magazines.

Several awards earned by Carver include a finalist award in the Art Instruction Schools 2011 and 2012 Annual Art Competition, two merit awards in the Nobles County Art Center Annual Area Art Show, an honorable mention in the Treasures of the Land show at the Minnesota Agricultural Interpretive Center, and a Special Recognition Award in the Light Space and Time Online Art Gallery’s Countryside Art Competition.


Great River Art is pleased to announce the display of Kathy Braud’s artwork at the Morrison County Government Center. The show of large watercolor paintings is located on the second floor gallery and will be on display from now until the end of July. Kathy works mostly in watercolors with subjects ranging from floral to landscape scenes creating beautiful recollections of moments through her brush strokes.

As a  Little Falls resident, and lifelong supporter of the arts, Kathy participates in art shows, various public displays, and exhibitions including the Northstar Watermedia Society original watermedia show and sale located at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Kathy has won numerous awards, most recently a purchase award for her rural schoolhouse painting that will be on display at a small gallery inside a rural school in Terrace, MN. Her work represents a wonderful use of technique and color selection, perfect for a summer afternoon stroll through downtown Little Falls.  She is also currently displaying her artwork at the Centra Care Show in St. Cloud, MN, along with the Salute to the Arts in the Q Gallery located at the Franklin Arts Center in Brainerd, MN.

Visit her website >>>>> HERE


Chuck Norwood’s Intimate Nature exhibition is on display in the Great River Arts Side Gallery through September 27th. The collection of detailed images highlight personal reactions to the majesty of nature with exquisite black & white and high definition full color photographs.

Having come to Minnesota from the east coast 30 years ago, Chuck is currently living and working in St. Cloud, MN. He finds himself being drawn to the l beauty, psychology, and transformations of nature.  This interest in natural elements is evident in his expertly composed images of waterfalls, ice caves, flowers and canyons. Collectively the show gives viewers a moment to pause and embrace the delicate elegance of nature.

Another aspect Chuck enjoys about photography is sharing his knowledge and experience with others. During the month of September he is instructing a 5 session photography workshop that utilizes both classroom and fieldwork to develop students understanding of SLR cameras and nature photography. Focus on Photography: Take II is the second workshop series Chuck has taught at Great River Arts, class starts September 9th and space is still available!



Great River Arts is pleased to announce the exhibition and opening reception for Jeri Olson-McCoy and RC McCoy’s Collaboration of Two at the Great River Arts Center. The exhibit, featuring both Jeri’s weavings and RC’s abstract paintings, will be on display in the Main Gallery from August 16th through September 27th. Great River Arts would like to welcome friends, families, and the public to join the artists and the Great River Arts staff for an evening filled with fantastic art and refreshments at the opening reception held August 21st from 6-8 pm.

Working out of a studio in St. Cloud, MN across the street from Clemens Gardens, the McCoys enjoy focusing on nature for their main form of inspiration. Jeri draws influence from trees in particular, and also from other artists and life. She experiments with various techniques using mostly natural fibers and often adding miscellaneous “things” for additional interest.

In her fiber work Jeri also uses wire for warp which helps create a more sculptural piece by adding delicate ripples to an often flat media. Her pieces range from wearables to functional home elements such as placemats, and table coverings, to hangings and installations.

R.C.’s first experience painting abstracts began in 2000 when a design client requested 10 original abstract paintings to be reproduced on fabric and sold at McCormick place, the convention center in Chicago. He finds abstraction to be one of the most natural forms of expression, and believes nature is a wonderful example of natural abstraction stating, “rarely is nature symmetrical or balanced in its form.”

One of the most captivating elements of the exhibition is the array of striking colors. R.C.’s large scale, abstract acrylics on canvas and Jeri’s mixed media tapestries work well together as they create a unique, visually appealing experience. The entire exhibition is a captivating visual treat, expertly crafted and thoughtfully composed.


October 1 - November 29

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 4: 4-7 pm

Great River Arts is thrilled to announce the new exhibition and opening reception for Pelican Rapids artist Jim Fletcher. The exhibition, titled “Reactions”, will be on display in the Great River Arts main gallery from October 1 - November 29th. Great River Arts board & staff invite the public to join Fletcher for his opening reception on Saturday, October 4th from 4-7 pm.

Reactions is a collection of 4 separate bodies of work that Fletcher has been working on for the past 30 years, ranging in media from pastel drawings to sculptural installations. The sub-series included in the exhibition includes NAM: Now A Memory, The Lore Adventure, The Great American Dance, and Subtle Reflections: Land, Sky and Water. Each body of work collectively embodies Fletchers reactions to the world around him. It is an honor to be able to show the “NAM: Now A Memory” as this body of work will be on display for the first time. Fletcher decided this exhibition was the proper timing to unveil the pieces which have been in storage crates since their creation.

His Lore Adventure series began in 1984 when he began hiding small stoneware buildings and pillar installations in the Maplewood State Park near Pelican Rapids. After curious park goers stumbled upon the magical landscapes & mythical masks secretly placed in the forest, Fletcher gained official permission from the state to continue building and developing the fantastical and fun installations. The Lore Adventure installations also relate to a trilogy of books the multi-talented Fletcher wrote and published in August of 2000. This exhibition is not one to be missed!


SALON 2014


featuring Costumes & Backdrop by Ann Marie Ethen


Opening Reception: October 11, 6-9 pm

Great River Arts is delighted to host Charles Gilbert Kapsner’s annual Salon in the Front Gallery from October 1st thru November 29th. The opening reception for the exhibition will take place on October 11 from 6 to 9 pm and is free for the public to attend.

Mr. Kapsner, a nationally renowned artist residing in Little Falls, was awarded the Master Artist Award from Five Wings Arts Council in April of 2014, and in 2003 he received the Career Achievement Award from the Florence Biennale.   A prevailing theme in Mr. Kapsner’s paintings & drawings is figure work where he uses live models. He focuses largely on working with local and national ballet companies, musicians, costume designers, writers, sculptors, and painters.

Great River Arts executive director, Jill Moore, approached Mr Kapsner with the idea of a ballet theme for the Salon 2014, wanting to showcase his paintings & drawings alongside the intricate tutus designed by Ms. Ethen. This morphed into a broader conversation, leading to naming the annual Salon after the famous Ballets Russes and featuring 2 dancers from the Rivers Ballet in St. Paul. Local musicians Celo V’ec and Carol Christensen will also be present for the Salon, providing background music as Ramona Duet. With gracious support from the Five Wings Arts Council the concept became a reality and will be on display through the end of November.

Visual art is commonly viewed in a hushed, low-light space and it is uncommon to involve music or dance, as it is thought to ‘interfere”. Likewise, dancers don’t always have the advantage and joy of live musicians, and live musicians usually perform for an audience without the presence of visual art. This years Salon is a fusion of several artistic elements which creates a grand celebration of arts and culture; visual art, dance & live music.

Works present in, Celebrating the Ballets Russes, include expertly crafted costumes and romantic tutu’s designed & sewn by Ann Marie Ethen and a selection of gestural sketches of dancers in various poses done by Mr. Kapsner. The focal point of the entire exhibition is a spectacular charcoal and white chalk full scale drawing of a dancer titled “Serenity.” In addition to the work on display during the reception, variations from Les Sylphides will be performed by dancers from the Rivers Ballet Company, and a 10 foot by 20 foot backdrop painted by Ann Marie Ethen will also be featured.

The Ballets Russes is considered one of the most innovative dance companies of the 20th century and propelled the performing arts to new heights through groundbreaking artistic collaborations. Founded by Serge Diaghilev in 1909, the company combined traditions of choreography, music, and design. It showcased original costumes, paintings, and drawings by Picasso, Matisse and other artists, commissioned ballet scores from composers such as Stravinsky, and featured dancers including George Balanchine.



On Display in the Main Gallery: December 3, 2014 - January 31, 2015

Opening Reception: January 17, 6 - 8 pm

Spirit Movement Dance Studio from Brainerd will be bringing Judith's paintings to life at 6:30 & 7:30 pm on the evening of the opening reception. 

Great River Arts is excited to present the vivid paintings of Little Falls resident Judith E. Uebelacker. Color Play will be on display through the 31st of January with the opening reception, which is free and open to the public, happening on Saturday, January 17 from 6-8 pm.  

Judith grew up in Minnesota before moving to Texas and travelling. Recently she relocated back to Little Falls, her hometown, so that she can spend her time painting and gardening rather than being stuck in traffic. The exhibition is presented in three acts- Act I: Watercolors, Act II: Acrylics & Airbrush and Act III: Reminiscing (Recalling Past Art Experiences). Judith has created a playbill and intends on naming the colors used in the paintings as the main characters of her “Color Play.” During the reception she will be showing a series of brand new air brush paintings that will be paired with creative movement. The Gonzales family, Oscar, Michelle and Talina of Brainerd will be wearing custom painted suits that will bring Judith’s newest works to life. This exhibition is a colorful treat, not to be missed during our gloomy January days.