2015 Exhibition Archive 


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JANUARY 14 - FEBRUARY 28, 2015

Opening Reception: January 24, 4 -6 pm

Great River Arts is very excited to host the work of Warren Wesley Woodworth in the front gallery during the months of January and February with the opening reception happening on Saturday, January 24th from 4 - 6 pm. The public is invited to join the Great River Arts board and staff members as we celebrate the work of an eccentric & prolific Little Falls artist.

Warren Woodworth was born on the 19th of February in 1922 in Anoka, Minnesota. He began painting at the age of six and is recognized self-taught artist, never attaining a degree in painting. He has traveled throughout the country and Europe, enjoying a wide range of cultures and historical perspectives that have profoundly influenced his impressionistic painting style. In his artist statement Woodworth remarked, “I truly enjoy sharing my work with others and painting for the sheer joy of it.”

As a very prolific and talented creator, Woodworth entertained multiple hobbies ranging from gardening to dressmaking and opera to floral arrangements. His garden and historic mansion were some of Little Falls greatest treasures.

This retrospective, titled Celebrating an Artist- 10 Years Gone, honors the ten year anniversary of Woodworth’s passing and was expertly curated by Charles Gilbert Kapsner and Doctor Philip Prosapio. All of the work in the exhibition is graciously on loan from 10 private collections.




Closing Reception: February 28, noon - 2 pm 

The Central Minnesota Watercolorists are back to brighten up our Main Gallery for the month of February with their annual members exhibition.  The forty seven works featured in “Light in Winter” present an wonderful collection of watercolor painting techniques that fill the gallery space with light and color during this bleak winter month. Through a variety of themes the artists exemplify traditional and nontraditional elements of watercolor painting that offer viewers a great representation of the diversity water color encompases. Highlights include beautiful birch forests in winter, wildflowers that appear to glow out of their frames and many more fabulous works.

For more information about the Central Minnesota Watercolorists please visit their website!

Central Minnesota Watercolorist Artists in Exhibition:

Robyn York
Judy Meyeraan
Sandra Driscoll
Sandi Koep
Jan Roering
Pat Spence
Suzanna Johnson
Kathy Braud
Marilyn Clement
Mary Buhl
Anita Hendrickx
Bonnie Schwichtenberg
Virginia Barker
Elly Van Diest
Barbara Rogan
Jim Heroux
Steph Young
Diane Runberg
Susan Jensen-Cekalla
Linda Addicott




Closing Reception: March 28, noon - 2 pm

During Student Art Month, the Main Gallery is filled to the brim with the fantastic work of Little Falls Community High School students from grade 9-12. Works range from traditional techniques like painting and drawing to more contemporary approaches in artists books and melted wax crayons. “The students bring a great range of talent to the exhibition,” says Sam Bruno, GRA Program Support Specialist, “I am glad we can offer them a professional setting to encourage their creativity.”

This year in particular, the quilts are very impressive as they loom on the back wall and hang from the ceiling throughout the gallery space. Another highlight in the show are the multitude of expertly crafted ceramics pieces. Many gallery visitors comment on the amount of detail that the students put into their work. Please make time in your schedule to appreciate the talent of our young, aspiring artists!


After months of preparation Great River Arts is ready to open the doors and unveil the Main Gallery exhibition titled “Great River Arts goes GREEN!” The exhibition is a collaboration between Great River Arts staff, area students and community members and it will be on display throughout the month of April. GRA welcomes the public to join us for the opening reception on Earth Day, Wednesday April 22nd from 6 - 8 pm. 

Over 600 students from schools in 3 cities across Morrison county participated in the project. Each student was sent home with a cardboard tile and asked to decorate the tile with certain colors of garbage. Community members joined in the fun, families worked on projects together and everyone began looking more artistically at the refuse they would normally add to a city dump.

“I am blown away by the creativity of the students,” stated Sam Bruno, GRA Program Support Specialist, “they brought ingenuity and fearless imagination to trash, making a truly beautiful final installation.”

Each tile is strategically hung on the wall in descending color order to create a gigantic recycled rainbow. Amanda Fish, GRA’s newest employee and Administrative Assistant, spent her first few days on the job preparing the massive project and has since become very adept at hot glue. “Amanda has become an integral part of the team,” stated Jill K. Moore, Executive Director, “We sure are lucky to have her!”

During the opening reception GRA will be hosting a spectacular Fashion Trashion runway show to highlight the theme of recycling and reusing. Students from the University of Minnesota- Morris will be lending their talents to the runway show in addition to area students. 

Check out this fantastic article from the St. Cloud Times >>>> CLICK HERE <<<<


MAY 6 - JUNE 27, 2015

Opening Reception: Thursday June 18, 6 - 8 pm

The world I inhabit lies somewhere between image and object, process and aftermath. Physical interactions with a range of materials allow me to process and share my experiences growing up surrounded by hunters, firemen, and tradesmen. I collect and photograph fragments of bone, charcoal, metal, and wood. I alter materials with light, heat, and chemistry. I remember what came before and hold on to what remains.

The effects of physical labor, fire, and death are at the forefront of my mind. Taking a photograph is in itself a memorial event that instantly admits the loss of the moment. Casting metal is a transformative act from solid to molten liquid and back again, a reminder that no substance on earth is static or permanent. I want the viewer to experience many forces at work and be unsure of the beginning  or end.

about Amber: 
After graduating from Little Falls Community High school, Amber White received a Bachelor of Arts in 2009 from the University of Minnesota Morris. She is now approaching her third and final year of the Master of Fine Arts program at the  University of Minnesota Twin Cities, where she works in the photography and foundry areas.

White was recently invited to participate in an international exchange with the Beijing Film Academy and will be traveling to Beijing, China this May and June. She was awarded a summer travel grant for thesis research near Philadelphia and was selected to be a Hot Metal Artist in Residence at Franconia Sculpture Park near Shafer, Minnesota.

For more information on Amber's work please >>>> VISIT HER WEBSITE <<<


May 6 - June 27th, 2015 

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 18th, 6 - 8 pm

About the Guild
The Artist Guild of Central MN was created in April 2011 to be a business and educational resource for artists, and to advocate for fine arts. In 2013 the Guild merged with the Paramount Visual Arts Center. The guild also seeks to provide opportunities for artistic expression, education, and appreciation in a supportive and nurturing environment. 

We seek to foster a deep appreciation for area artists, while facilitating the exhibition of original, dynamic works of art. We aim to establish a strong database of artists and art services, to create sales and opportunities by cultivating and enhancing a local collector base of patrons. 

Ken Ferber, Sculptural Ceramicist >>>>> Visit His Website
Michele Feriancek, Painter >>>>>> Visit Her Website
Melissa Gohman, Sculptor >>>>>> Visit Her Website
Jill Doubeldee Kuhn, Painter
Dan Mondloch, Painter >>>>>> Visit His Website
Rachelle Netland, Painter
Chuck Norwood, Photographer >>>>>> Visit His Website
Jo Svaren, Expressionist Painter >>>>> Visit Her Website
Willicey Tynes, Painter >>>>>> Visit His Website
Lisa Molitor, Painter >>>>>> Visit Her Website

Guild members not showing: 
John Heckman, Painter

for more information about the Artist Guild of Central Minnesota: >>>> VISIT WEBSITE <<<<