Willicey Tynes


About the Artist 

Willicey enjoys painting for himself and his motivation is fueled by life. His choice of medium is oil on canvas, with his realistic style of painting he favors florals, seascapes and portraits as subject matter. Willicey loves to push the limit and challenge himself and this has led to him sculpting in various mediums such as clay, bronze and glass. If you would like to know more about the artist you can visit his website here.

Artist Statement

"My approach to my work for me is a simple one. I am not easily impressed, so I try to impress myself with what I do, then likely I will impress my viewer. There is so much art out there and so many persons doing some of the same things, I try to find ways to stand out and sometimes it is as simple as creating quality work that I am proud of putting my name on. Art has been an integral part of my life and my work strongly reflects that."

Jd Jorgenson

JD Jorgeson.jpg

JD Jorgenson, originally from Bismarck, North Dakota, began his passion for clay during high school. Feeding this passion, Jorgenson went on to earn his B.A. in Ceramics from the University of Iowa in 1999. After completing his B.A. degree Jorgenson moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to teach and work at the prestigious community clay art studio, Northern Clay Center. Jorgenson is also a recipient of the Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Grant at the Saint John’s Pottery in Collegeville, Minnesota. After Jorgenson’s grant period ended, he continued to work at the Saint John’s Pottery as the apprentice to renowned Ceramic artist, Richard Bresnahan. Jorgenson Pottery was established in 2004. Jorgenson has been developing classes, workshops and other opportunities at his studio since then. He also presented and exhibited at the International Wood Fire Conference at Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN 2007. In 2008 he established The Wood Firing Exchange. The long term goal of the Wood Firing Exchange is to develop an international exchange program for wood firing opportunities and ceramic arts residency. It is and idea based on sense of place and community. He is a founding member of Avon Area Arts and was the President of the organization from 2009-2011. Jorgenson, was also the Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation Award recipient for 2011. Jorgenson also has a website you can check out: www.jorgensonpottery.com

Artist Statement

"What is unique to me about these dug clays is it defines the region from where they were dug. They have had an evolving sense of place for millions of years. The clay is minimally processed which I find very appealing. I also fire between cone 6 and cone 10. We have been firing our 3 chamber noborigama style kiln in ways that match the clay we have been digging. The clay we dig has nice color from mid range to high temperature firing and reduction cooling process. Most of the pottery in the first chamber was buried in charcoal for 3 days of the firing. The second and third chambers fire between cone 6 and 10 with a number of hours of reduction cooling when the proper part of the firing is finished. My hope is to continue to approach the results and process associated with the Nanban, style. This allows for the clay to share its voice. I strive, everyday to have an intimate conversation with these materials, one that compliments and not speaks over their voice."

Chuck Norwood

chuck norwood.jpg

About the Artist

Chuck Norwood makes his home in St. Cloud, MN, arriving from the east coast over thirty years ago.  He is the father of two daughters, Kristi and Brittany, and is employed as the Technical Director of the Paramount Theater in St. Cloud. Chuck started photographing in 1983.  He began using film cameras and now uses a Digital SLR. Chuck also has a website: www.cnorwoodphotograpy.net

Artist Statement

"I have always been drawn to the natural beauty and psychology of nature. And only by expressing my own personal response to what I see do I begin to appreciate the need for such beauty and the value of perspective. And so…I photograph because the process changes me and the changes keep me moving on like a river to my own sea." 

John Heckman

About the Artist

John Heckman

John Heckman

John was born in Minneapolis and he studied at the School of Associated Arts in St. Paul and the College of Art and Design in Minneapolis. He later went on to do freelance illustration for several years, later pursing an interest in fine arts in his studio. Heckman had an interest in cultural backgrounds, he studied the Amish, and Native Americans plus various other cultures to give his personality to his paintings. John is currently the owner of Culture Thru Art Company. If you would like to know more about the artist you may visit his website here.

Artist statement

"My mission is to create beautiful art in mind, body and spirit. I intend to show art with love for all people, places and things. I find strength in nature, amazement in reflecting light, and excitement with all the seasons of color." 

Kat Patton

About the Artist 

Kat Patton is a professional artist and photographer. She specializes in color pencil, graphite pencil, and digital manipulation, as well as being a professional portrait photographer. Kat has participated in many exhibits throughout the central plains region including St Cloud and Minneapolis and her art graces the walls of individuals around the country. She received a two year Associate of Art in design and photography from Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and later earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in studio art and photography from St Cloud State University in Minnesota. Her Master’s program, also at St Cloud State University emphasized photography and drawing. She now lives in St Cloud pursuing her career in art and photography, as well as working for John Tennant Studio as a professional picture framer. Kat’s work can be seen online at mnartists.org/kat patton


Associate of Art/graphic design

Masters studies/photography-drawing 

15 years plus experience in wedding and portrait photography  

Photography Instructor

Board member,Visual Arts Minnesota, St Cloud, MN

Satellite Gallery Director, Visual Arts Minnesota

Len Sharon

Artist Statement

len sharon.jpg

" I began during a walk one autumn day on my parents farm. I came across some willow shoots and thought it would be fun to try weaving a basket. I walked back to get a pruning shears, cut the willows, studied one of my parents' baskets and made my first very primitive looking basket." 

Over the years Sharon has made many styles and sizes of baskets. The largest basket Sharon made was a clothes hamper and a clothes basket and the smallest is an 8 inch wide ans 3 inch high fruit/bread basket.   

Denny Myers


Denny has a biology degree with an emphasis on environmental analysis from Bemidji State University, a minor degree in English and he worked for Crow Wing County as its Planning and Zoning administrator for many years. Myers got into woodworking while attending a New Mexico middle school. Myers then went to the Central Minnesota Wood Expo in St. Cloud. He watched a woodworker do wood turning on a lathe and he was hooked.

Artist Statement

“There are three disciplines in my current field,” Myers said. “First is furniture making. I started with furniture when I got into working with wood. I lean toward the Shaker style, simple lines with no embellishments. The second discipline is wood turning, which I have been doing for several years. The third is wood carving. I am just beginning to teach myself that discipline by embellishing bowls and furniture with my own designs.”

Heidi Jeub Steadman



"I combine art and everyday life to the point that it can be difficult to decipher which is which. I bind books, concoct creative ideas, and collect ideas and objects to see their true relevance in our society. While painting and bookbinding are what I know, I do use methods that best communicate an idea, rather than force idea into the method." 



Until Spring of 2011, I coordinated a small gallery, as an extension of Lost Lake Design Alterations and Custom Sewing in Little Falls. I also creates custom hand-bound books for clients and retail shops throughout Minnesota, while teaching residencies and workshops in bookarts, book binding, and altered books. 


Pam Collins



"Being an artist is a continual learning and growing part of my life.  My art is my response and commentary of life around me.  Each experience and interaction allows me to think of ways to incorporate it into my work.  My reactions to what I see and experience dictate what kind of art I produce.  When painting, my style is generally impressionistic, with few details, to force the imagination to be used.  My work is most often large, with bright, intense colors.  When working in mosaics, subject matter varies greatly, and the medium allows for an abstract outcome."



I have taught watercolor at many area schools as an artist in residence.  I have also presented Science Trunks from the Minnesota Science Museum to area schools in 2009, 2010 and 2011.  This creative work is not directly related to fine arts, but it did allow me to use my creativity to present science in an artful way.  It combined science with performance.

I have led a number of 2 and 3 day workshops in watercolor since 2007.

I have led mosaic workshops that included senior citizens at Lakewood Care Center, Art Learners at my studio, Browerville High School New York Mills Regional Art Center. 

Anita Hendrickx

Visual Artist: Drawing and Illustration, Painting, Calligraphy and Lettering

Primary Galleries:

Buffalo Plaid Gallery and Gift, Nisswa, MN 

Bumbeldee’s Antiques and Art Gallery, St. Cloud, MN

Artist Statement:

Anita H.jpg

“It is the process of design, sketching and painting that intrigues me. I am enlightened by the mediums of watercolor, ink, graphite and colored pencil and am always excited by discovery in how paint flows, what oddity that I can add to a painting or when I dip into my paints what will give me a new texture onto my painting. Incorporating Painting and Calligraphy together gives me the chance to express emotion through the visual and written works and to have some fun while doing so.”

Brief Description of Work:

“My work is a reflection of my environment around me. I enjoy painting northern landscapes, leaves and such. I tend to be more traditional in methods with most of my work non-abstract. The influences of artists’ John Salminen, Karen Knutsen, Mike Kecseg and Dale Laitinen have helped me look at design differently as more of the “foothold to success.” Recently, I have been working with abstract form or non- traditional methods and am enjoying this. By doing some paintings in the abstract it keeps you from getting repititious and loosens one up. I find unique shape and form in the everyday environment. I will still paint my plein aire landscapes but maybe have a wee bit more abstractions in them.