Anita Hendrickx

Visual Artist: Drawing and Illustration, Painting, Calligraphy and Lettering

Primary Galleries:

Buffalo Plaid Gallery and Gift, Nisswa, MN 

Bumbeldee’s Antiques and Art Gallery, St. Cloud, MN

Artist Statement:

Anita H.jpg

“It is the process of design, sketching and painting that intrigues me. I am enlightened by the mediums of watercolor, ink, graphite and colored pencil and am always excited by discovery in how paint flows, what oddity that I can add to a painting or when I dip into my paints what will give me a new texture onto my painting. Incorporating Painting and Calligraphy together gives me the chance to express emotion through the visual and written works and to have some fun while doing so.”

Brief Description of Work:

“My work is a reflection of my environment around me. I enjoy painting northern landscapes, leaves and such. I tend to be more traditional in methods with most of my work non-abstract. The influences of artists’ John Salminen, Karen Knutsen, Mike Kecseg and Dale Laitinen have helped me look at design differently as more of the “foothold to success.” Recently, I have been working with abstract form or non- traditional methods and am enjoying this. By doing some paintings in the abstract it keeps you from getting repititious and loosens one up. I find unique shape and form in the everyday environment. I will still paint my plein aire landscapes but maybe have a wee bit more abstractions in them.