Pam Collins



"Being an artist is a continual learning and growing part of my life.  My art is my response and commentary of life around me.  Each experience and interaction allows me to think of ways to incorporate it into my work.  My reactions to what I see and experience dictate what kind of art I produce.  When painting, my style is generally impressionistic, with few details, to force the imagination to be used.  My work is most often large, with bright, intense colors.  When working in mosaics, subject matter varies greatly, and the medium allows for an abstract outcome."



I have taught watercolor at many area schools as an artist in residence.  I have also presented Science Trunks from the Minnesota Science Museum to area schools in 2009, 2010 and 2011.  This creative work is not directly related to fine arts, but it did allow me to use my creativity to present science in an artful way.  It combined science with performance.

I have led a number of 2 and 3 day workshops in watercolor since 2007.

I have led mosaic workshops that included senior citizens at Lakewood Care Center, Art Learners at my studio, Browerville High School New York Mills Regional Art Center.