Kat Patton

About the Artist 

Kat Patton is a professional artist and photographer. She specializes in color pencil, graphite pencil, and digital manipulation, as well as being a professional portrait photographer. Kat has participated in many exhibits throughout the central plains region including St Cloud and Minneapolis and her art graces the walls of individuals around the country. She received a two year Associate of Art in design and photography from Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and later earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in studio art and photography from St Cloud State University in Minnesota. Her Master’s program, also at St Cloud State University emphasized photography and drawing. She now lives in St Cloud pursuing her career in art and photography, as well as working for John Tennant Studio as a professional picture framer. Kat’s work can be seen online at mnartists.org/kat patton


Associate of Art/graphic design

Masters studies/photography-drawing 

15 years plus experience in wedding and portrait photography  

Photography Instructor

Board member,Visual Arts Minnesota, St Cloud, MN

Satellite Gallery Director, Visual Arts Minnesota