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Community Event: Steamroller Printmaking!

Thursday, July 25, 3pm - 7pm

Come to the Great River Arts and make a steamroller print! The ArtOrg Thousand Print Summer 2013 uses a small steamroller to make prints for both kids and adults. You check in, and get your materials, then sit down under the tent to cut up stuff to make your printing block. You give it to us, and we roll your block up with ink. Then, your inky block gets put on the runway with a piece of paper on top. We start up the steamroller and roll over it, and peel back the paper to reveal a wonderful print. It’s over to the “signing table” to sign your name on it and put on some special stamps. There you go! A wonderful steamroller print! For more information please check out

This activity is funded in part by Five Wings Art Council and is a partnership with Great River Regional Library.

Later Event: July 27
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