Auditions: Epic Proportions


Auditions for Epic Proportions this September!




Monday, Sept 11 at 7 PM. 
Tuesday, Sept 12 at 7 PM.  Callbacks
Wednesday, Sept 13 at 7 PM. 

Auditions and rehearsals will take place at Great River Arts, Little Falls, MN and consist of readings from the script.  No need to prepare anything.  Please bring a list of all conflicts through Nov. 18.


Thursday – Saturday, November 9-11 and Thursday – Saturday, November 16-18. 

Setting: A movie set in the Arizona desert

Time: 1930s

Synopsis:  Epic Proportions takes place in the 1930’s and is a hilarious behind the scenes look at the making of Hollywood’s most epic film in the style of Ben-Hur and Cleopatra.  Two brothers, Benny and Phil, travel to the desert to be movie extras in Exeunt Omnes but quickly find themselves in over their heads as they struggle to survive this off-the-rails movie production.  Louise Goldman, the Assistant Director of Atmosphere Personnel and eccentric movie director D.W. DeWitt lead the production as personalities clash and outrageous situations rise with hilarious results. Hollywood has never seen a motion picture quite like this before and they all have their work cut out for them to save the movie with sibling rivalry, love triangles, temperamental actors, incompetent crew members and the Ten Plagues causing one catastrophe after another in this side-splitting comedy.

Cast Size: A minimum of 10 performers.  Flexible casting.


Louise Goldman is in charge of the extras in this epic movie. She divides them up, gives them jobs, and manages their expectations. She has always hoped, however, that she would be on the other side of the camera one day as an actor.

Benny Bennet came to the set to be discovered. He wanted the glory and glamour of the movies in his life and if the director will just notice him for even a second, he is sure he will get his big break. He falls in love with Louise.

Phil Bennet came to talk sense into his star-struck brother. But now that he is here on the set, he has a few ideas for the movie. In fact, he’s pretty sure he could direct this whole thing better than anyone. He falls in love with Louise.

D.W. DeWitt initially had a grand vision for this epic movie. It was going to be the best movie of all time, but he is tired now and everyone is so demanding. Maybe he’ll just stay at the top of his pyramid and watch a few “special” films and be by himself for a while.

Jack is Mr. DeWitt’s second in command.  If Mr. DeWitt can’t finish this movie than he’ll do it by himself! He will make the decisions for a change!

Estelle is an old and classy broad, a Hollywood Legend making a comeback, who and has lived in this industry her whole life, plays the Queen. She sees everything and feels free to comment on all of it.

Cochette is the lead costume designer for the show. She is a Coco Chanel stranded in a desert with a million whining extras.

Shel is the put-upon technical specialist who can’t live up to Jack’s expectations. He finds hope for his career once Phil is put in charge, but eventually just wants to go home like everyone else.

The Narrator must be overly dramatic and very “Orson Welles” in presentations. His pronouncements may as well be the very voice of God descending upon the theatre.

Featured Roles: Actors will play multiple featured roles.

Conspirator #1
Conspirator #2
Conspirator #3
Film Extras
Roman General
Egyptian Dancing Girl
Egyptian #1

Egyptian #2
Egyptian #3
Queen’s Attendant
Guard #1
Guard #2
Cochette’s Assistant
Gladiator #1
Gladiator #2

Gladiator #3

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