Main Gallery

Gold impressions

september 11 – october 27, 2018

Reception:   September 27, 6–8 pm

Pierz artist Bev Gold brings a body of work that spans both years and genres. Equally adept at realism, abstraction, portraiture, landscape and collage, Gold’s show is a menagerie of paint and color. She states":

“Acrylic paint is my medium of choice. Choosing a diverse array of interesting images is something I enjoy. Always studying, working, learning, challenging myself with new techniques and styles has been a life long passion. My work has naturally progressed as I find new and inspiring subjects. Whether I find my inspiration seen along the road, traveling in other countries, or fascinating photos, it stimulates my creativity while it influences my art. You might say I “follow my nose” to whatever the next challenge may be.

In my guest book people have noted my “attention to detail” as one of my attributes, referring to a collection of unique real life portrayals of marine life, castles, and buildings. Positive remarks always boost an artist's esteem, and I thank them for that.

My mind is constantly moving ahead to the next canvas, as I finish one painting I am already thinking about the next. I have been known to lose track of time when engrossed in painting.

While attending college, art classes were the favorite. Most of my knowledge was gained through books, the internet, experimentation, discussion with other artists and simply trial and error.

I have a small studio area in my home where the lighting is perfect to paint all kinds of subjects, abstracts and locations. Continuing to develop a repertoire, I hope to create as long as I can put a brush to canvas.”