Main Gallery

Circle of influence

october 31–december 29, 2018

Reception:   November 29, 6–8 pm


Circle of Influence, an interpretive art exhibition of 3 artist friends: Suzann Beck, Marko Fields, and Donna Meyer. As artists, we play many roles in our daily lives that impact the way we approach our art; parent, teacher, businessperson, professional, and so on... but we seldom think about the role we play in other's art. This exhibition "Circle of Influence" explores the role three artist friends play in each other's work and how they influence and inspire each other.

Suzann Beck has the unique ability to capture the essence and spirit of a subject and combine it with masterful likeness. Her inspirations and passions come from the classical old masters, and she is particularly influenced by the Russian painters of the 19th century. Suzann works to understand classical methods and disciplines and leverage them with contemporary practices and sensibilities to create representational realism.

Marko Fields describes himself as a ceramist even though he utilizes other materials and techniques in his artwork. He enjoys the marriage of materials like cast metallic with ceramic forms. I use imagery that references many cultural and frequent reference the woven or patterned object; my respect and love of traditional craft media is prevalent in my artwork. “As life becomes more complex, art will continue to serve as an essential visceral and therapeutic connection to the wonder of our humanity” -Marko Fields

Donna Meyer is described as an observational painter of objects, and things that have been discarded. Old industry, machines, and tools are attractive to her because of their visual interest, but also because of their stories. Donna says that each tool or broken object was originally used to carry out a task or an idea by someone. She feels connected with that story when she takes the time to paint or draw each object.