Coming Soon to GRA: Forces of Nature

The 2018 GRA Goes Green event, Forces of Nature, has begun! We're gathering students, teachers, artists and contributors to help us make this year's event the biggest one ever! 

Forces of Nature examines the ways in which our pollution and overuse can exacerbate environmental problems and contribute to disasters. If your class, group, child, student or member of the community would like to be a part of this massive and environmentally conscious art happening, please contact us and let us know how you're interested in helping. We hope to expand the number of students this year, joining with more than the over 1,000 students and community members who were a part of last year's "Sea of Change" exhibition.

It's easy to help out! 

You can join in the event by creating a tile from repurposed trash for our gigantic mural at the heart of GRA Goes GREEN. You can help us create any number of small sculptures that will be displayed throughout the three gallery spaces. You can even help out by hanging tiles, installing decorations, or setting up sculptures. Just let us know what you'd like to do.

Help us out by passing the word to educators around your area! The projects are quick and easy to do, but just like being green, a simple contribution by everyone will have a gigantic impact!


We reached our goal of engaging 1,000 students!



The 2017 exhibition is titled "Sea of Change" focused on reducing pollution in the water, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and small ways to keep the environment clean.

This project gave students the opportunity to create an art piece at home or in school that became part of the community wide installation which was on display in the Great River Arts Main Gallery during the month of April.

Our goal was to engage 1,000 students & community members and which we were able to not only reach, but exceed! The installation had 1,122 10" x 10" tiles installed on the walls in addition to several recycled bouquets, fish and butterflies designed by seniors at St. Otto's. This project would not have been possible without grant support from the Five Wings Arts Council. 

Take a look at the exhibit through the eyes of Great River Television Station Manager Mark Slupe. Enjoy!