MAIN and front GALLERies



April 3–27, 2019

Reception:   April 18, 6–7:30 pm

MAIN and front GALLERies

little falls community high school art show

march 9–30, 2019

Reception:   March 16, 2–4 pm


what mental illness feels like

barb kellogg

January 16 – march 2, 2019

Reception:   February 2, 6–8 pm

Great River Arts is proud to welcome Barb Kellogg’s prestigious exhibition to the Front Gallery titled “What Mental Illness Feels Like”. The exhibit consists of images and stories that represent what mental illness feels like to the people who live with it, as visually interpreted by photographer Barb Kellogg. The opening reception will be held on Saturday February 2nd from 6-8pm. Great River Arts would like to extend a warm welcome to families, friends and the general public to join the artist along with the GRA staff and board for an evening of conversation, beautiful photography and light refreshments.

The goal of this project, "What Mental Illness Feels Like—Images & Stories", is to create a connection with the viewer through photography and storytelling, decrease stigma and increase awareness of mental illness; and, ultimately, to humanize it.

“What Mental Illness Feels Like—Images & Stories” is a personal photography project inspired by conversations with a friend who battled depression. The result of those conversations was a better understanding, not of the text book definition of his illness, but of how it felt to him in terms I could relate to. I wondered how I, as a photographer, could translate mental illness so that people without it could visually see how it feels, perhaps even relate in some way.

The project consists of using conceptual photography to relate the feelings described in interviews with people living with mental illness. Conceptual photography is a way of showing feelings, concepts or stories—a “visual analogy” created with photography instead of words. Each visual analogy photograph will also have the person's story next to it to enhance the meaning of the image. For many participants I created black and white portraits, as I feel the portraits further humanize the experience for the viewer and help to reinforce that mental illness can happen to anyone.


Indelible Hearth

Keren Kroul

January 16 – march 2, 2019

Reception:   February 2, 6–8 pm

For this group of works, I was thinking about how memories form an idea of who we are, and also how some things are hard to erase even though time and place and life
experiences create a distance between the person we are now and the moment the memory captures. The small watercolor on paper pieces are part of an ongoing
series. I started making them thinking about houses I had lived in, and then the idea of a house and what it meant took over. They became abstract and geometric. I now
have about 200 of them and 42 are on display. The six watercolor diptychs and the hanging installation are connected. In these works I am thinking about the way
every time we remember a memory we are recreating it on top of an earlier remembrance. The layering of paper in the hanging piece, and of watercolor in the
smaller pieces, is like this layering of memories, fragile and ephemeral, that become something dense and concrete. The hanging piece is made of rolls of paper, painted
or cut out, that are layered. They form a construction that is both dense and airy, images are concealed and revealed, obstructed and exposed. I am interested increating a bit of a shift in space but also in time, with imagery moving forward and backwards, symbolizing the way memories are brought to the present.


Circle of Influence

October 31 – December 29, 2018

Reception:   November 29, 6–8 pm

Artists Suzann Beck, Marko Fields, and Donna Meyer share their varied and contrasting works that examine the influence and interplay of artists that work together as mentors and colleagues. Beck, Meyer, and Fields all have studio space in the same building, and the exhibition explores the ways their closeness reveals itself in their work. 

The exhibition is highly interactive, as the artists have arranged their work in a number of clusters. One piece from each artist plays with and against each other, with one artwork in the group highlighted and featuring statements from the artists about different influences and methods for interaction. The reception will be just as interactive, with Meyer in attendance, Beck on hand doing portrait sketches of attendees, and Fields demonstrating the mythic implications of his works including the Spin-a-Saint machine.

Suzann Beck shares her highly realistic and idiosyncratic portraiture, Donna Meyer explores surface and physicality in her still lifes, and Marko Fields exhibits eccentric and detailed ceramics ranging from mugs, pots and tea sets to functional mechanisms and sculptures. 




Reception:   September 27, 6–8 pm

Pierz artist Bev Gold brings a body of work that spans both years and genres. Equally adept at realism, abstraction, portraiture, landscape and collage, Gold’s show is a menagerie of paint and color. She states":

“Acrylic paint is my medium of choice. Choosing a diverse array of interesting images is something I enjoy. Always studying, working, learning, challenging myself with new techniques and styles has been a life long passion. My work has naturally progressed as I find new and inspiring subjects. Whether I find my inspiration seen along the road, traveling in other countries, or fascinating photos, it stimulates my creativity while it influences my art. You might say I “follow my nose” to whatever the next challenge may be.

In my guest book people have noted my “attention to detail” as one of my attributes, referring to a collection of unique real life portrayals of marine life, castles, and buildings. Positive remarks always boost an artist's esteem, and I thank them for that.

My mind is constantly moving ahead to the next canvas, as I finish one painting I am already thinking about the next. I have been known to lose track of time when engrossed in painting.

While attending college, art classes were the favorite. Most of my knowledge was gained through books, the internet, experimentation, discussion with other artists and simply trial and error.

I have a small studio area in my home where the lighting is perfect to paint all kinds of subjects, abstracts and locations. Continuing to develop a repertoire, I hope to create as long as I can put a brush to canvas.”

Wes Sod Retrospective

From the COllections of Steven, Kyle and tim lemieur and Charles G. Kapsner

July 5 – August 18, 2018

Reception:   July 13, 6–8 pm

In the Front Gallery, we look back at the life of late local art standby Wesley Sod. Living most of his life in the Little Falls area as an artist or serviceman, Sod's work offers intimate and often humorous glimpses into life in Morrison County. Come celebrate the life of this unique local artist through works on loan from Charles Kapsner, Steve LeMieur, Kyle LeMieur and Tim LeMieur.

GRA Main Gallery

Tyler Evin: Disconnect ver. 1.12

Main Gallery
May–June 2018

GRA Front Gallery

Annie Young: As Darkness Falls: The Art of Echoic and Haptic Influences

Front Gallery
May–June 2018

Artist Reception: May 10, 6–8 pm

GRA Front and main Galleries

Forces of NAture


On display: April 4–May 1, 2018
Fashion Trashion: April 20, 7 pm

GRA Front and main Galleries

HIgh School Art Show

Little Falls Community High School

On display: March 1–24, 2018
Artist Reception: Saturday, March 17 (12–2 pm)

GRA Main Gallery

As I see It

Douglus Jenkins

On display: January 3–February 24, 2018
Artist Reception: Saturday, Feb. 3 (12–2 pm)

GRA Front Gallery

Medicine of place

Chuck Norwood

On display: January 3–February 24, 2018
Artist Reception: Saturday, Feb. 3 (12–2 pm)

GRA Back Gallery

GRA Back Gallery


Chuck Norwood

On display: January 3–February 24, 2018
Artist Reception: Saturday, Feb. 3 (12–2 pm)

GRA Main Gallery

Seasons in the Sun

Kathy Braud and Kerry Kupferschmidt

On display: November 8–December 30, 2017
Artist Reception: Saturday, Dec. 2 (12–2 pm)


Barb Kellogg: It WAS ALL A DREAM

Family MEdical Center

On display: October – December, 2017

Al Pike: Aviation Photography

Morrison County Government Center

On display: October 2017 – March 2018

GRA Front Gallery

Collaborations II

Charles Gilbert Kapsner Salon 2017

On display: October 4–November 22, 2017
Reception: Friday, October 20 (6–9 pm)

GRA Main Gallery

Central Minnesota WAtercolorists

On display: October 4–28, 2017
Closing Reception: Saturday, Oct. 28 (12–2 pm)

GRA Front and Main Galleries

PrairiE point quilters

On display: September 6–30, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, Sept. 23 (12–2 pm)

GRA Front Gallery


On display: July 5 -September 1, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 20 (6-8 pm)

Kari's paintings are about our nameless places in rural MN. They are meant to call attention to the largeness of the natural environment that surrounds us, and our smallness in it. Her work shows off the land that is named only by mile markers or exit numbers and in the end, acknowledge the hardworking people who care for these places. To her these works are not landscapes. They are portraits.

Weber earned her education at the University of MN, Moorhead, graduating with both a BFA in painting and a teaching degree.  Since that time, her work has included various forms of drawing and painting and today she is entirely a landscape painter, painting country subject matter with a contemporary approach. Weber currently works out of her studio located in the artist community of New London, MN. Weber is a 2017 recipient of the Artist Initiative Grant from the MN State Arts Board.

This activity is made possible in part by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, thanks to appropriations from the Minnesota State Legislature’s general and arts and cultural heritage funds. Additional funding is provided by the Blandin Foundation, Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation, Miller-Dwan Foundation, Northland Foundation, and many private donors. 

GRA MAIN Gallery



On display:  July 12-September 1, 2017
Public Reception:   July 20 (6-8 pm)

Collective Visions showcases a selection of nearly 80 works of art by 49 local and regional artists and spans a multitude of media including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, wood and metal. 

Artists featured in the exhibition:

Marilyn Ampe, Swanville
Robert Backmann, Staples visit website
Nicholas Beaty, Little Falls
John Beaudine, Lake Park visit website
Suzann Beck, Crystal website
Kimberly Benson, Minneapolis website
Kathy Braud, Little Falls website
Sandy Bot-Miller, St. Cloud website
Mary Bruno, St. Joseph website
Holly Diestler, Moorhead
Sarah Drake, Sauk Rapids website
Sandra Driscoll, St. Cloud website
Katie Engelhart, St. Cloud website
Tyler Evin, West Fargo website
Kathryn Evenson, St. Joseph
Sharon Farrah, St. Cloud website
Michele Feriancek, St. Joseph website
Bev Gold, Pierz
Judith Hallbeck Meyeraan, Big Lake website
Amy Hanfler, Little Falls website
Ralph Hanggi, Deer River
Anita Hendrickx, St. Cloud website
Douglus Jenkins, Avon website
Jeremy Jones, Brooklyn Park website
Charles Kapsner, Little Falls website
Barb Kellogg, Avon website
Matt Klos, Little Falls
Dianne McClenahan, Prior Lake
Rachel Melis, St. Cloud website
Martin Nelson, Brainerd website
Chuck Norwood, St. Cloud website
Daralyn Peifer, Minnetonka
Kari Sabrowsky, Little Falls
Bethany Schilling, Fort Ripley website
Mark Slupe, Brainerd
Mary Smith, Glenwood website
Donna Spidie Meyer,  St. Louis Park website
Doug Stuckle, Glyndon website
Judy Ubelacker, Little Falls
Dennis Vanderpoel, Prior Lake
Cole Vittetoe, Eagan website
Kristin Vogel, Minneapolis website
Kaitlin Waldera, St. Paul website
Karlee Westrem, East Grand Fork website
Jess Wilson, Brainerd
Robert Whistler, Brainerd website
Steven Wood, Little Falls
Lindsey Woodruff, Mahtomedi
Todd Yotter, Merrifield


Tiffany Besonen & Laura Grisamore

On display: May 2 - June 30, 2017
Public Reception: Saturday, June 3 (noon - 2 pm)

Tiffany's Artist Statement: 

For me, creating metaphor is a process of rediscovering how everything and everyone is connected. My work for THRESH. HOLD. is diverse in materials, but all deeply connected.

Doors in my work began during a time of grieving for our family. As I photographed, drew, and began to paint doors and thresholds, I discovered that the 'space in between' of a threshold isn't inside or out, here or there, but a connection (or division) of the two. Later, I rediscovered a photo that our daughter had taken from behind my husband and me, as we overlooked a lake. All of the paintings on canvas in this exhibit began with this visual format, our silhouettes and the space in between. The watery shape in between us has intrigued me for years; like a threshold, that space connects us, yet reveals our differences. Repeating that visual format in all seven of these paintings, freed me to be more spontaneous with color, line, shape, and motion.

When the ‘space in between’ paintings were done, I photographed details, and digitally created patterns. Eight of these patterns have been printed on fabric and one on wallpaper by I have always wanted to design fabrics! There is something soothing about patterns, and something especially uplifting about colorful patterns on soft fabrics. Creating these patterns digitally has been a lesson for me in giving up control; beauty is often revealed in the most spontaneous and unexpected ways. The short film Thresh. Hold. Release. became an extension of that lesson in spontaneity, with the contemplative and hopeful music of Mark Hartung (1971-2015) completing the film.

My THRESH. HOLD. work culminated with the five mixed-material, free-standing doors. I am giving each one of these doors to a different family, in memory of someone they have lost. Each door began when I asked the family to choose a color that reminded them of their loved one, and from there I began painting on the vintage doors without much of a plan, only positive thoughts and memories. Half way through the painting process, I took photos and made the digital patterns that became the patterned wallpaper on each door. For me, these doors have become celebrations. When we find ourselves on the threshold of loss or change, may we be kind to ourselves; may we accept what we can not control, and somehow find freedom, beauty, and hope in that acceptance.

Laura's Artist Statement: 

I am fascinated by the intricacies and interconnectedness of the natural world and all the beauty that lies within. I love to share this through my photographs. I like to collect natural objects, or what I call "artifacts;" the remains of once living things. When I hold these artifacts in my hands, I imagine the life they once lived and the landscapes and ecosystems they were a part of. This inspires me when I create and helps me to honor the spirit and life of the being or artifact in my work. 

My series, "Minnesota Artifacts," emerged last summer as I began to photograph some of the skulls, feathers and shells my husband and I have found up here. I take these photographs and fuse them with photos I have taken of Northern Minnesota's natural landscapes. I also fuse textures with some of the landscapes to add visual interest and to create a mood. 

I had fun creating while meditating on the exhibit titled, "Thresh.Hold." A skull is the physical threshold into the spirit as well as the physical threshold the spirit passes through as it leaves the body. My photographs are also about inviting you to cross over the thresholds that exist in the natural landscapes around you. For, it is only once we have crossed them; walked past the tree line into the woods, walked beyond the horizon we saw in a field or dove through the surface of a body of water, that we then begin to discover what lies in its depths. 

Laura's Biography:

I have had a camera in my hand since 2001, thanks to a stint of writer's block I experienced during a semester in college. I was obsessed and continued to take every photography class the Journalism and Art Departments offered. After graduating with a Journalism degree in 2003, I actively practiced and pursued my photography while enjoying work in the service and social service industries. Upon moving to Park Rapids in 2013, I decided to dedicate myself to photography and established a portrait and photo art gallery business. I feel most comfortable in a pair of mud boots, holey jeans, long sleeve shirt with a camera in hand, slogging through marshes and hiking through the thick of the woods. I am a lifelong learner and have been loving every minute of life up North. 


Sea of Change

On display: March 31 - April 28, 2017
Reception & Fashion Trashion Runway Show: Friday, April 21 (7 pm)
featuring Becca the Trash Mermaid & Robert Jarvis: Trash Magic

GRA goes GREEN! for a third year in a row! This year, the project has been supported in part by the Five Wings Arts Council which has allowed us to expand our reach and involve over 1,000 students from across Morrison County. The exhibition highlights the works of students from pre-school through high school and even a few community members. Each participant was given a blank mat board tile and asked to create a custom design from found objects & recycled materials in a certain color. Once the tiles were returned, they were carefully laid out in a pattern and hung from the walls to create a feeling of being underwater. Please enjoy the below video which was filmed by GRTv Station Manager, Mark Slupe. 

Watercolors by Rick

Rick Lundsten

On display: November/December 2016 & January 2017

Rick Lundsten is a watercolorist from Park Rapids, MN. He has a selection of original works on display at the Family Medical Center, with additional works in the GRA Juried Retail Gallery.

For more information about Doug >>> VISIT HIS WEBSITE <<<

How I see Things

Doug Jenkins

On display: November/December 2016 & January 2017

Doug Jenkins is a photographer from Avon, MN. He has a selection of digital photographs on display at the Morrison County Government Center. 

For more information about Doug >>> VISIT HIS WEBSITE <<<

PHASE - New Findings

Kayla M. Gustin

On display: January 11 - February 25, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 21 (noon - 2 pm)

Kayla M. Gustin was born into a creative family in 1983.  It is from those roots that her love of art grew.  Kayla graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Painting Degree in 2007.  While attending art school she studied abroad in the Czech Republic, where she was further inspired by the world of art.  Since graduating, Kayla has received certification in energy healing modalities: including Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy.  She continues to deepen her knowledge of yoga, meditation, energy and the healing arts.  She incorporates these principles in her artwork and facilitates sessions publicly and privately with the intention of guiding others to trust their innate, creative source energy. 

This Fall she co-founded Earth & Om, the first annual art, yoga and music festival: intending to share creative energy and spread love and light.  She has shown her work at various art fairs and festivals, art crawls, Paramount Visual Arts Center, St. Cloud State Alumni Exhibit and has her work in Palacky University’s permanent collection.

Kayla currently lives in the woods in Central MN with her son, Emry Earth, where she is influenced by nature, universal connections, intuition, space, balance, form, release, energy and the lessons from the journey as a spiritual being having a human experience. 


Every phase is a bridge to the next.
Over, through, under, around, across.
No matter how you get there, it only matters that you do.

for more information on Kayla's work >>> VISIT HER WEBSITE <<<

Disco Kisses & Other Stories of Abstraction

Andrew Nordin

On Display: January 4 - February 25, 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 21   (Noon-2 pm) 

I am invested in the problematics of painting. The pictorial and material choices, technical application, and various modes of presentation are the critical aspects I take responsibility for in my practice. While I believe the paintings I present are each evidence of an arrested happening, I also acknowledge that as works, they are hopeful propositions toward a longer dialectical approach rather than as examples of the endgame.

Years of working without settling down to take a position on whether to either more fully pronounce skill or accept an enchantment with provisional presentation has left a tension in the work. I am entranced with studying the glimmer and shine of cultural artifacts and master artworks from the millennia, while also practicing a “ramshackle” finish to my own works. This has catalyzed a tension in my intuitive response to materials. Also, it is satisfying to allow a painting a little freedom to diverge from the status quo of the body of work I have created, and this consistent inconsistency illustrates my imperfect, skeptical search for a dime-store sublime.

A longing for clarity compels me to spend time developing and researching visual compositions and surface treatments that can be applied to either traditional panels or more sculpturally aligned substrates. It also explains what might at first seem incongruent, finely finished surfaces in league with more casual approaches. It’s a process in which I am making things I want to see, and that tends to be a necessary exercise in failure, as my will to bring to form a scant visual notion using paint affects that mental example, resulting in the production of something completely different. And then it begins again.

for more information about Andrew's work >>>> VISIT HIS SITE <<<<




Opening Reception: Saturday, November 12   (Noon-2 pm) 

St. Stephen, MN digital photographer Randy Asseln takes pride in capturing the awesomeness of nature. He spends many hours, across many days waiting for the lighting to be just right to be able to make his viewers feel like they are standing right next to him, watching the same beautiful sunrise. He braved all types of Minnesotan weather for this exhibition from icy cold mornings to scorching afternoons in vegetable fields narrowly avoiding a cloud of chemicals from a crop dusting plane.

Aside from the expertly composed and processed nature imagery printed on large scale canvases, Asseln re-works images with a technique he calls “digital painting.” This technique is reminiscent of painterly brush strokes commonly found in oil painting, yet is composed entirely in photoshop. In this exhibition, Asseln shows off both his prowess at capturing nature and his ability to manipulate it.  All of the works in the exhibition are for sale and are priced to sell.

for more information about Randy's work >>>> VISIT HIS SITE <<<<



On display: October 7 - November 26, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, October 14 ( 6 - 9 pm) 

The Salon was first born in the 18/19th century France—Paris in particular. It allowed painters to work towards a goal of having a work judged into the annual Salon, which was widely visited by patrons and the general public. One must remember at the time, it was an important part of a painter’s career to be accepted by the establishment, a “feather in one’s cap” if you will.

My idea for the Salon began in 2008 as a way to hold an event that united and celebrated the various artistic disciplines—visual, dance, music, singing, costumes, sculpture, poetry. Critically important was the inclusion of artists from the region.

My first Salon focused on the body of work I created which focused on my floral series. Each year, the focus changes—including themes of “The River”, “Italy”, and “Generations”, but the unification of the arts is central. Through my painting I want to promote a diverse body of work, and invite the viewing audience access to the creative process across disciplines.

This year will include drawings and painting, as well as etched stonework (Chris Welch) which has a rich tradition dating back to the Egyptians, and poetry (Laura Hansen) which uses the written word and its structure to evoke emotion. Music includes Eastern European folks songs (Sestri) and country/folk/Americana band Harper’s Chord led by GRA’s own Jill Moore.

The blending of local talent showcases and promotes the creative energy of people who live in the region—shattering the myth that creativity exists only in big cities.

Bringing these various disciplines together for an evening is my way of making arts, and artists, accessible, and enriching the community. Diversity of experience opens the mind to a broader way of thinking.  The Salon is designed with hopes that the audience explores other events, venues, and supports the arts across disciplines—whether it’s purchasing one-of-a-kind paintings, books, attending a concert or ballet, artists need patrons.

A culture is measured by not only by the art produced, but how the public supports it. Thank you for supporting the talented artists, from all disciplines, who enrich our region.

for more information on Charles' work >>> VISIT HIS WEBSITE <<<



On display: August/September/October 2016

Knowing and embracing in life that truly... it's all in the details. Since childhood I have always had a long standing passion for photography and the arts. Art museums, natures raw beauty, pencil to paper, brush to canvas, across many forms of artistic expression, there is a strong foundation that has helped mold my core, which is the appreciating of beauty all around. One of the mediums I choose to use as a platform is the camera. The camera for me is merely a tool, a brush of sorts. Through photography I am able to use the camera to paint a picture of what I see. 

Sometimes these moments are fleeting, which I call the glimmerings. These glimmerings are the special moments I hope to share with you. As we all know, there are many different ways of perceiving beauty. Beauty can be the glimmer we see that captures our attention, even if for only a moment. 

for more information about Kathy >>>> VISIT HER WEBSITE <<<<




Opening Reception: Saturday, September 17   Noon-2 pm 

Barbara Bend of Roberts, WI and Sandy Bot-Miller of St. Cloud present the collaborative exhibition “Taking Shape: a process” which features pastel drawings, fiber weavings and mixed media fiber sculptures.  Their art shows an endless uncovering of how various materials and techniques lend themselves to capturing a story and unearthing hidden aspects of oneself. The energy in the gallery reflects both artists’ need to connect with others and their surroundings in a profound and meaningful way.

for more information about Sandy's work >>>> VISIT HER SITE <<<<

for more information about Barbara's work >>>> VISIT HER SITE <<<<



On display: August 3 - September 30
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 17 (noon - 2 pm)

Space in between us can connect or divide. For me, creating personal metaphor is a process of rediscovering how everything and everyone is connected. These paintings are formed in the space in between restraint and wild abandon, before and after, he and she.

Doors in my work began when I was at a workshop at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, during a time of intense grieving for our family. While the aged doors were interesting, it wasn't until I opened the doors and sketched the thresholds that the spaces came alive, connecting me to energies of what moved through before. The 'space in between' of a threshold isn't inside or out, here or there, but a connection (or division) of the two.

for more information on Tiffany's work >>> VISIT HER WEBSITE <<<


Mary Hendricks, Judy Kuusito, Mona Warren, Carol Hanson

On display: July 18 - September 2 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 23 (1 - 3 pm)

“Superior” featuring the watercolor works of Mary Hendricks, Judy Kuusisto, Mona Warren, and in-memorium of Carol Hanson, four friends who have been painting together for years, centers around the theme of Lake Superior. Each artist has a unique vision of the lake which is captured by their expert talent, giving viewers a look at the complex landscapes and simple joys of nature. This exhibition is a delightful summer treat that is not to be missed!




On display: July 6 - July 30 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 23 (1 - 3 pm)

Bev Gold has early memories of using big sheets of paper and standing in front of an easel with large paintbrushes soaked in tempera paint. Art has been a large influence in her life since then studying in college, tinting photographs, carving gun stocks and painting daily during her retirement. The works in this exhibition include 36 oil and acrylic paintings spanning her creative career from 1969 to pieces that the paint is still curing on. “I feel blessed to have painting in my life, to fill my time and keep me busy,” says Gold. “Diverse Selections” is an outstanding collection that gives visitors a peek into such a talented mind.



On display: May/June/July 2016

FACES as a theme for an exhibit has a curious perception, or is it an academic approach illustrating what we see? 

About Dorie: 
I majored in art in college with a concentration on life drawing. Looking back, drawing faces was the discipline that enabled me to create a piece of art. I hope you will enjoy "FACES" and the story you create in your mind with each drawing.



ON DISPLAY: MAY 5 - JULY 1, 2016 

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 14th (noon - 2 pm)

Dennis Vanderpoel grew up on the outskirts of town on a farm. He began drawing at an early age, sketching his surroundings including tractors, plows, barns, and car magazine ads. After school, Dennis spent time in the service, being stationed in Germany, and returned to work in building construction. He eventually settled into graphic design and sign-making. The current exhibition “Whut Zat Spoze T’be” is a reflection of his studio which is packed with vintage oil cans, car parts, and old hubcaps that he uses as models for his one-of-a-kind folk art. “His attention to detail is astonishing,” says Jill Moore, GRA Executive Director, “we are grateful to have his eclectic style on display. I think people are really going to relate to it.”




On display: May 5 - July 1, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 14 (noon - 2 pm)

Studies of Restraint began as an experiment exploring my interest in abstraction, figuration, and gesture. Starting with a limited palette and narrow collection of visual prompts, 3d forms were created in the studio. The sculptures served as source material to construct/deconstruct in the pictorial plane. The project initially served as self-assigned, visual calisthenics and has since evolved into fully realized body of work.

About Lisa Bergh

In addition to her studio practice, Lisa collaborates on a variety of public art projects with her husband, Andrew Nordin, works as an advocate for the rural arts and culture movement, and serves as the Executive Director for the Hutchinson Center for the Arts in Hutchinson, MN.  She resides in New London, MN with her husband, artist Andrew Nordin, and their two children.

For a complete portfolio of her work visit



On display: March 31 - April 30th
Opening Reception: Friday, April 22nd 6 - 8 pm
featuring a Fashion Trashion Runway Show at 7 pm

Great River Arts is celebrating Earth Day in style! Friday, April 22nd GRA will be hosting an opening reception for the Main Gallery Exhibition GRA goes GREEN! which has been a community installation project featuring the work of 700 students. The reception goes from 6 - 8 pm and will be highlighted by the Fashion Trashion Runway Show which starts at 7 pm. There will be a Free Will Donation accepted to attend the event & support future programming at GRA.

Fashion Trashion is a trend in wearable art where costumes and outfits are created from recycled, found or reused objects typically not seen in clothing.  From ball gowns made of plastic bags to suit coats made of newspaper, the styles will make you think twice about what you are throwing away! This is the second annual Earth Day Fashion Trashion Show at Great River Arts. Last year over 60 people attended the event which featured students from pre-school to college modeling their creations with a colorful host asking details about their creations. The models this year are stepping up their game to create even more impressive outfits using tin foil, painted newspaper, bath loofahs, hundreds of paper chain links and many more bizarre recycled materials. This show is not to be missed!



On Display: March & April 2016

Selected works from Lindbergh Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School and Dr. S.G. Knight will be on display at the Family Medical Center through April. 


On Display: March & April 2016

Selected works from Little Falls Middle School, Lincoln Elementary School and Dr. S.G. Knight will be on display at the Family Medical Center through April. 



On display: March 3 - 24, 2016
Opening Reception: March 12, 12 - 2 pm
featuring music from the Flyer Jazz Combo

During Student Art Month, the Main Gallery is filled to the brim with the fantastic work of Little Falls Community High School students from grades 9-12. Works range from traditional techniques like painting and drawing to more contemporary approaches in artists books and various medium forms. “The students bring a great range of talent to the exhibition,” says Sam Bruno, GRA Program Support Specialist, “I am glad we can offer them a professional setting to encourage their creativity.”

Impressive quilts will once again be hanging throughout the gallery space, showcasing great craftsmanship. Another highlight of the show this year are the multitude of expertly crafted ceramics pieces from vases to dishes and sculptural pieces the creativity is limitless. Gallery visitors are amazed at the level detail the students put into their work. Please make time in your schedule to appreciate the talent of our young, aspiring artists. 



On Display: December 2015 - January 2016

Kathy has a display of vivid watercolor landscapes and florals on display through the month of January. 

To see more about Kathy's work please >>>> VISIT HER PAGE <<<<


Morrison County Government Center
On Display: December 2015 - February 2016

My first exhibit of art in the Government Center was in 2003 when I began working in the Public Health Department. It wasn't until after I retired in 2010 that I was able to devote more time to painting and showing my work. I am happy to return to Morrison County with this exhibit of my more recent paintings and to reconnect with co-workers and friends here at the Government center. 

To see more about Sandra's work please >>>> VISIT HER WEBSITE <<<<



On Display: January 8 - February 27
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 16 (noon - 2 pm)

Robert E. Orr recently comes to us from Willmar Minnesota where he retired from a long career in High School Art Education and a free lance studio for his commissioned art works.  Shown here are examples of some of his work from his "Santee Studio" that was located on his small ranch out side of Willmar.  He and his wife Barbara now live in rural Little Falls.  The works in this exhibit come from various private collections and are not for sale. 

" My work has no intended social or political commentary. Much of it was either commissioned or done as a technical methodology to share with my students.  What you see is what it is."


On Display: January 8 - February 27
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 16 (noon - 2 pm)

I was unexpectedly entranced – caught up in a moment of reverie. Tired and a bit listless, I sat on my back bench, preparing to go out to the studio to do more grinding. Head hung down, elbows on knees, my gaze drifted to the floor. Resting there, I was caught up in the convoluted, intertwined floral pattern on the rug below. Round and round and back again, I followed the nesting patterns with my eyes. My shoulders slowly relaxed as I gradually unwound. I felt calm, alert, alive… and I had an idea. The Wallflowers were born.

From mandalas to sandpainting to Arabesque mosaics, there is a long tradition of using repeating patterns to focus the mind, aid meditation, and symbolize the cyclical nature of the universe. These works are my contribution to that tradition.

Cut out of steel and hand-painted for a complex, layered surface, my intention is to create unique symbols of change and renewal. I hope you find them captivating, beautiful, and a little mysterious, moments of reverie popping up in your life. Like a flower blooming unexpectedly in the heavily shaded forest floor, they are ephemeral and timeless at once.
— Sam Spiczka

Inspired by natural bone forms, rural technology, and geometric structure, Sam Spiczka has produced an unsettling body of work that is both modern and intensely primal, public yet deeply personal.  Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Spiczka became captivated by metal early on through the experience of working at his family’s welding shop. Though he briefly studied art and philosophy at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN, his true education has come from Nature, the example of past sculptors, and the craftsmanship of his father. His award winning sculptures have been exhibited nationally – including at DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, the Rochester Art Center and Franconia Sculpture Park – and can be found in many public and private collections.

for more information about Sam >>>> VISIT HIS SITE <<<<


On Display: November 11 - January 2
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 28 (6 - 8 pm)

Great River Arts acts as an artistic hub in Little Falls, striving to offer accessible artistic experiences to the community. We believe that by providing residents and visitors to Morrison County the opportunity to witness the unique people and places of our region through the lens of an artist, their perspective will be shifted and lives enriched.

In November/December 2013 we hosted a Visual Arts exhibition titled “Faces of Morrison County” that used black and white portraits to highlight a few folks from Morrison County that had intriguing stories or made an impact on the community. We have decided to expand upon the original concept by reaching beyond portraits to include unique & unusual places and architectural remnants of days gone by. The goal is to provide a fresh perspective on the people and things we see around us each day, we truly want to see our community through the eyes of an artist.

Our goal is to utilize skilled photographers to capture the essence of our community by observing, processing and photographing. We hope to portray real people, cherished memories and personal experiences through the photographs and accompanying stories for this exhibition. 

Photographers present in the exhibition: 

SALON 2015



Opening Reception: Friday, October 9 (6 - 9 pm) 
Salon Program begins at 7 pm

Great River Arts is delighted to announce the annual Charles Gilbert Kapsner Salon “Generations” on display in the front gallery now through November 28th. The opening reception for the exhibition will be held on Friday, October 9th from 6pm - 9pm with a brief program beginning at 7 pm featuring a live music set by the Subito Chamber Orchestra and an artist talk by Mr. Kapsner. 

“Generations” is a collection of oil paintings by internationally renowned painter Charles Gilbert Kapsner, in addition to the work of some of his most prominent students, including artist/teacher Jeffrey Hurinenko.  Kapsner studied traditionally in Florence, Italy under Signorina Nerina Simi. Upon returning to the United States, Kapsner continued the practice of master/apprentice artistic studying by taking in a variety of local students throughout the years. He believes it is important to preserve the tradition of dedicated studies, so much so, that the theme of his Salon this year explores the generations of talent cultivated since his studies with Signorina Simi. 

The theme of artistic mentorship carries throughout the entire Salon event as the Subito Chamber Orchestra, instructed by Celo V’ec, entertains audiences with their breathtaking renditions of classic music pieces. “Seeing such passion and dedication from young artists is so refreshing,” says Sam Bruno, GRA Program Support Specialist, “understanding and continuing traditions of sharing knowledge and building skill is something few have the opportunity to partake in. Little Falls is lucky to have two such giving master artisans.”

For more information on Charles Gilbert Kapsner please visit his website >>> HERE <<<

For more information on Jeffrey Hurinenko please visit his website >>> HERE <<<


September/October/November 2015


My vision, hope, and perception of....

Katumba Design & Photography specializes inlifestyle photography. Knowing and embracing in life that truly... it's all in the details.

Since childhood I have always had a long standing passion for photography and the arts. Art museums, natures raw beauty, pencil to paper, brush to canvas, across many forms of artistic expression, there is a strong foundation that has helped mold my core, which is the appreciating of beauty all around. One of the mediums I choose to use as a platform is the camera. Through photography I am able to use the camera to paint a picture of what I see.

The essence of people can only be seen through the eyes of someone who is truly grateful and appreciative of this short life we have been given. Sometimes these moments are fleeting, which I call the glimmerings. These glimmerings are the special moments I hope to share with you.

As we all know, there are many different ways of perceiving beauty. Beauty is not always what the media and society in general deems it to be. Beauty can be that glimmer we see that captures our attention, even if for only a moment. Imagery through photography is one of my many ways of expression.

"A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed."

— Ansel Adams

have hope that many agree with my viewpoint, and will enjoy taking a small peek at the images I am sharing.

Please remember this..... first: visualize second: create third: new possibilities.


On Display: September 4 - October 31, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 26 (6 - 8 pm)

Natural light is more than a catch phrase for a genre of photography.  It goes beyond early light, evening  light and ‘The Golden Hour’.  It’s every second of the day lit by the sun, the moon, and the stars. And whether it’s the beautifully diffused light through cloud cover or the bright, midday light on a clear day, it’s the main tool of my photography.  

And the very light that keeps me focused on a found subject is an inflexible, completely uncompromising, exacting light.  It demands I be ready to use the other  tools I need to capture the image…or I’ll be coming back another day.

For more information about Chuck's work please visit his website:


On Display: September 4 - 26, 2015
Closing Reception: Saturday, September 26 (6-8 pm)
*featuring live music by Tina Lamberts

To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition -- Samuel Johnson

This is the quote painted on our living room wall.

My home is my sanctuary. It is full of life, color, and treasures. A fallen bird nest cupping a turquoise marble next to a pair of polka dotted rain boots filled with tamed wild daisies perched upon a lime green place mat enchants the center of our kitchen island. This still life and several others evolve as different garden flowers come into season and gems are discovered in a forgotten drawer or garage sale. 

Outside is no different. Combinations of childhood toys mixed with beautifully rusted radiators are in conversation with the perennials. The beauty and endurance of nature inspires me along with the sense of discovery and childhood wonder I have experienced in my own life and with my three children. Real live furry lawn ornaments named Paco and Tucker graze along our yard uninhibited by alpaca halters or fence lines. They don't want to leave this place  either. They know when they have it good. 

So do I. It is this sense of place my husband, Tom, and I have created that has sustained, protected, housed, and fed our creative spirits. The various forms of artwork in this exhibition reflect my joy for making art and celebrating color and summer. 

This is my happy place. 




JULY 8 - AUGUST 29, 2015

Opening Reception: Thursday July 16, 6 - 8 pm

R. C. McCoy is a St. Cloud Commercial Artist. His business: RC Visual Enhancements was established in 1995 and continues to produce- Fine Art, Custom Art and Interior/Exterior Design for Business, Retail and private patrons. 

I was honored to be selected as a judge for all the fine art work included in this wonderful show at Great River Arts. The artist's work submitted, was both well thought out and well done. As a judge, it's always hard to decide which piece doesn't make the cut. There were so many great choices to chose from! Mary Bruno and I hope that you enjoy the pieces we did select and take the extra time needed to look at each and every piece.

Mary C. Bruno is a Letterpress Printer in St. Joseph, Minnesota. She established Bruno Press in 2004 where she designs and produces a line of greeting cards, custom invitations, business cards, and posters, as well as carves linoleum artist prints and broadsides. 

It was exciting to be selected to judge this exhibition but it is not as easy as it may seem. I have judged a few shows before and it definitely gets me out of my comfort zone. Looking at artwork from every different medium takes me back to the basics of aesthetics, design, layout, and skill. This was a difficult process but I enjoyed working with R.C. McCoy and taking his opinions into account as well as my own. I am impressed with all of the work and hope that you are as well. 



Jurors: RC McCoy & Mary C Bruno

McCoy & Bruno brought expertise in abstract painting and letterpress printing, in addition to their collective experience with design work and an overall appreciation for art. In selecting works for this show, they focused on bringing in the best or most unique use of materials and design elements. The show highlights a wide variety of media from photography & painting to fiber arts & mosaics. Many of the artists have not exhibited with Great River Arts before, for some this show is their very first time exhibiting.

Exhibiting Artists: 

  • Amy Hanfler

  • Bev Gold

  • Bob Newman

  • Charles Gilbert Kapsner

  • Chris Welch

  • Christine Wilson

  • Chuck Norwood

  • David Peternell

  • Dennis Vanderpoel

  • Dona Koshowany

  • Earl Pilloud

  • Gracie Stevenson

  • Jeanette Richards

  • John Beaudine

  • Joseph Hynes

  • Judith Ubelacker

  • Kathy Braud

  • Katie Engelhart

  • Kerrry Kuperschmidt

  • Kimberly Stout

  • Krista Furney

  • Laura Hansen

  • Linda Holliday

  • Lucia Riffel

  • Marty Harris

  • Megan Fitzgerald

  • Pam Collins

  • Robert Orr

  • Sam Bruno

  • Sandra Driscoll

  • Shalene Cole

  • Tyler Evin



GRA goes Green.jpg
kapsner postcard.JPG


fletch postcard.JPG



Donna Jean Carver pictured next to her work at the Family Medical Center.

Charles Kapsner embodies the highest level of each of the criteria for this
award. Five Wings recognizes the value of having Charles as one of our own and choosing to
live and work in our community and region. We want to shout our appreciation from the
rooftops and make everyone aware of our fortune – because with the caliber of his skill, and
the reputation of his work – Mr. Kapsner could live and work essentially anywhere in the world.
But he chooses to live and work here, he chooses to contribute to our local communities, he
chooses to work with our youth, he chooses to stay home! And we thank him for that!
— Mark Turner, Five Wings Arts Council Executive Director

No Vacancy, 2013

No Vacancy, 2013

rickert postcard image.jpg



lf high school art front.jpg

The Senior Art Exhibit opening reception was a great opportunity for the community to appreciate student work with the added treat of the Flyer Jazz combo. 

Imagine Color postcard front.JPG

Art: Out of the Ordinary

photograph by: Doug Jenkins

photograph by: Doug Jenkins

This exhibition was made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a Visual Arts project grant from the Five Wings Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.