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Charles Gilbert Kapsner Collaborations IV (Part 2)

11th Anniversary Salon

November 8 - January 4



Great River Arts is excited to present its upcoming exhibition Charles Gilbert Kapsner ‘Collaborations IV’ (Part 2), 11th Anniversary Salon. This exhibition will be on display in the main gallery of GRA from November 8 - January 4 and will feature the works of five artists, Michele Feriancek, Linda Holliday, Matt Duckett, Suzann Beck, and Chris Welch. An artist reception and gala will be held Friday, November 8th from 6 - 9pm. The evening will include a special musical performance by Fourteen Stories, craft beer tasting by Starry Eyed Brewing CO. and a wine tasting by Coborn’s Liquor.

Charles Kapnser’s idea for his annual Salon began in 2008 as a way to hold an event that united and celebrated the various artistic disciplines—visual, dance, music, singing, costumes, sculpture, poetry. The Salon was first born in the 18/19th century France in Paris, as renowned and highly attended cultural event for artists of all media, patrons and spectators. At the time, the Salon was an important part of a painter’s career allowing them to be accepted by the establishment, a “feather in one’s cap” if you will. Critically important was the inclusion of artists from the region. The blending of local talent showcases and promotes the creative energy of people who live in the region—shattering the myth that creativity exists only in big cities.

The Salon is designed with hopes that the audience explores other events, venues, and supports the arts across disciplines—whether it’s purchasing one-of-a-kind paintings, books, attending a concert or ballet, artists need patrons. Over the past years the Kapsner Salon has become a much anticipated event that Great River Arts is proud to host. Please join us for a world class exhibition and experience during the next two months. 



Michele Feriancek

Michele Feriancek is a representational artist who combines a passion for creating art with an equally strong love for animals. Her works are primarily oil on canvas paintings featuring the creatures to which she feels most connected. Detailed brushwork, a keen sense of design and color, and a deep understanding of the behavior of animals and nature are what brings these paintings to life on the canvas.


Linda Holliday

Linda Holliday is a dedicated potter who has had the good fortune to learn from and be inspired by some of the greatest potters in Minnesota and beyond. She makes functional pots to be used in your home and is inspired by all things “Minnesota” - the flora and fauna, the water, the cultures, the change of seasons...and the idea of cooking warm, hearty comfort foods during long winters. Her pots are meant to be strong and sturdy with somewhat feminine elements of color and design. 


Matt Duckett

Matt Duckett is a painter whose work is enthusiastically representational. Most of his work is figurative, using anatomy, physiology, and the skills of his medium to tell a story through his work. His paintings are a glimpse into a tiny, unique world that we can never truly know, but that we charmingly, almost frustratingly, are invited by both the artist and subject to join.


Suzann Beck

Suzann Beck is an oil and pastel portrait painter, who can’t seem to escape the portrait. When she’s not painting a portrait, you might find her painting a figurative piece, a still life, landscape, or single rose—but they’re all still portraits to her. In each one, animated or not, she sees a presence, a singular essence—unique beauties inside form, rust, flower, and person. It has nothing to do with the perfection of the object, the right nose shape, or the smoothness of one’s skin. She paints portraits because somehow a painting can be more real than a photograph—so tangible and able to convince you that it’s about to move, or take a breath, or feels an emotion.


Chris Welch

Combining a love of drawing with his day job, Chris Welch engraves drawings onto granite, marble and travertine using commercial equipment. They are then painted and etched by hand. The color of the stone is carefully matched with the paint color to create subtle compositions. The results are wall hangings in stone depicting landscapes and creatures. Several of these engravings are on display along with a number of recent pencil drawings on paper.


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