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"ARTIST AS COLLECTOR" by Charles G. Kapsner

October - November 2020 

Artists Statement of the Exhibit (PDF)



        Charles G. Kapsner, Self Portrait
What does it mean to be a "collector" or "patron" of the arts? Historically, the acquisition of original artwork was only accessible to the most influential classes of society. Long before photography or the camera obscura, patrons would encapsulate their memories with the help of artists. At that time it meant capturing an aristocrats' lineage, significant buildings that dominated the local landscape, a key moment in history, and the like. Today, with prints are more readily accessible, phones that never seem to be too far out of reach - sporting a quality camera feature - making capturing today's most prized moments seems effortless.


Why buy or commission art?

Artwork is more accessible than ever before. So, why invest in original artwork? Several theories exist as to why someone becomes an art "patron" and eventually a "collector."

Here are a few common reasons why you might buy art.

  • You value owning original artwork.
  • You have a connection to the artist and/or fell in love with their story.
  • You were drawn to the artwork's style and composition. 
  • You are seeking a piece based on a specific size and/or color pallet.
  • You are an emerging or seasoned artists and understand the skill and desire necessary to create art.
  • You appreciate creatives and would like to support their artistic career

For two months, renowned local artist Charles G. Kapsner (pictured above) has graciously loaned Great River Arts a number of items from his private collection - featuring artists and his connections to their world. This exhibit in GRA's Front Gallery is intended to be seen through the lens of an artist into the creative world of art.

The goal of this exhibit is to begin a discussion about of how and why people today should purchase original work. 



What to expect in the coming months...

  • Download a reflect worksheet (HERE) to learn more about your art specific style and interests. You can also pick-up a copy at GRA while you walk through our free galleries open to the public.  
  • Connect to each artist's story - downloadable PDF (Coming Soon!)
  • Artist Talk with Charles G. Kapsner  - Savvy Session (Featured in November)
  • Follow us on Facebook (@GreatRiverArts56345) for tips on buying art
  • Learn more about common phrases and terms used by artists (Coming Soon!)
  • Visit our free galleries at 122 First Street SE, Little Falls MN (Wed. - Fri. 11 - 6 PM, and Sat. 10-2 PM)

Curated by GRA: Access & Visibility

GRA is piloting this new program, in partnership with local businesses and regional artists. The goals of the program are; 1) to increase access to the arts, 2) assist local business, organizations and/or individuals interested in (temporarily) obtaining artwork to display in their onsite, and 3) financially support artists that have a collection of completed pieces that not currently being shown. 

If you would like to learn more about this pilot program as a participating artist or sponsoring site, please contact our offices  to learn more. 

Current Partnerships

  • Schlenner Wenner & Co. Little Falls, featuring watercolorist Kerry Kupferschmidt
  • Hole Products, featuring abstract artist Heidi Jeub
  • Falls Ballroom, Coming Soon!

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