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July 7 - September 26 

Follow artist Heidi Jeub as she uses GRA's Front Gallery walls as an extension of her creative canvas. This month, Jeub will engage in nine community conversations - transforming 4' x 5' sheets of cardboard into reflective abstract pieces of art. 

Relationships aren't built overnight and neither is this exhibit. Stay connected as this installation evolves over the next two months. Follow us on FaceBook (@GreatRiverArts56345) for updates on how you can meet the artist and connect to her work in the larger Main Gallery. 


GRA staff interviews the artist before the installation is initiated (below). 

In an unprecedented time of COVID-19, where self-isolation is encouraged, and connection is complex, the task to find new ways to feel our relationships as strong becomes the focus of my work. During the exhibition at Great River Arts, in Little Falls Minnesota, Heidi Jeub will have open form conversations with friends, old and new, over technology (Zoom or FaceTime), that will inform a (size) painting on repurposed cardboard sheets. Using acrylic paint in a non-representational manner (abstract), the conversation will be captured in line, color, shape, and energy. A written piece will accompany the work to give context to the interaction, not necessarily identifying the person, but potentially personifying the painting with a person in mind.

Each painting will be revealed in the gallery over the exhibition period, so that passers by can experience the work as they unfold. A time lapse video will be shared on the GRA website and social media feeds, as well as the accompanying materials. 

The title, inspired by a foreign film and song from the artists’ personal mixtape, encapsulates the experience of this pandemic period, civic unrest, and inevitable change in our communities. While she is focusing on Little Falls, as part of this exhibit, she is interested in how our relationships are changing as we interact differently. Are we more in tune, or disconnected. Are we less likely to interact freely? Are we more intentional? 


[01] What was left behind / Sarah, July 24 - 27, 2020

  • Connect to Sarah's Story (PDF)


  •  Timelapse Video of the Creation Process (below).



Artist Statement 
Master Resume 

Click HERE to connect to Jeub's exhibit titled, REMOTE: currently in the Main Gallery at GRA.

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