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Friday, November 17th

Doors 6pm, Show 7pm

Tickets: $20

To purchase tickets call 320-632-0960 or visit

Since forming in northeast Minneapolis in 2006, The High 48s have been making music that combines the soulful sound of classic bluegrass with a modern attitude.

They’re a band with one foot in tradition and the other in the world of music today,  and one of the very few who can find an overlooked bluegrass classic in a song by M. Ward or the Clash then throw down hard on a standard by Bill Monroe.

The High 48s are also a band of songwriters. Here, too, they take a modern approach, heeding the well-worn advice to writers: write what you know. Their songs ring true to their lives as northern city-folk rather than an imagined “sweet, sunny south” of coal mines and dark hollers.

In addition to keeping up a busy performing schedule, the High 48s are passionate about music education and in demand as instructors, teaching one-on-one, online and in workshops and jam camps around the country, including their now twice-yearly bluegrass jam camp for kids, Grass Seeds Academy.

The band takes its name from railroad slang for the boxcars originally used to transport troops on the front lines in WWI that could carry 40 soldiers or 8 horses, and were later used in the US on fast-moving “hot shot” freight trains by train-hoppers looking for work during the Great Depression.


Saturday, October 21st

Doors 6pm, Show 7pm

Tickets: $20

Joyann Parker is an electrifying and versatile musician whose soulful voice, captivating performances, and impeccable songwriting have taken the music scene by storm. Born and raised in a small town, Joyann's deep-rooted passion for music began at a young age, drawing inspiration from the blues, gospel, jazz, and rock genres. 

With a voice that exudes both power and vulnerability, Joyann's performances are nothing short of a revelation, leaving audiences spellbound with every note she delivers. Whether she's belting out a soulful ballad or shredding on her guitar, her raw emotion and undeniable talent shine through, connecting with listeners on a profound level. 

Joyann's journey as a musician has been marked by relentless dedication and a commitment to honing her craft. Throughout the years, she has graced renowned stages across the country, leaving an indelible mark wherever she performs. Her live shows are a testament to her magnetic stage presence, and it's no surprise that she has garnered a devoted and growing fanbase. 

Not just a gifted vocalist, Joyann is also a formidable songwriter. Her lyrics are introspective, exploring themes of love, heartache, resilience, and personal growth. Combining her insightful storytelling with her rich, soulful melodies, she has created a unique and captivating sound that sets her apart in the industry. 


Mosaic Coasters 

November 9th, 5:00-8:00pm

Member $65/non-member $75

Join mosaic artist, Laura Ruprecht from Laura Liz Mosaic Biz in an evening of learning the basics of mosaics and loads of fun.  Register online at or call 320-632-0960.

You will create your own set of 4 mosaic coasters with small glass tiles, no cutting glass required.  All materials will be provided including a "takeout bag" of grout to finish the coasters at home.

All skill levels & abilities are welcome, this is a beginner-level class. Grab your friends & get your glass together!

  • Class size limit 15 people.  Open to ages 12 and up. 
  • Minimum of 5 people registered to run the class.

Thursday, November 16th, 5:00-6:30pm

Register online at or call 320-632-0960.

Join Great River Arts for a Thanksgiving themed painting class.  The class will take place on November 16th, 5:00-6:30pm at GRA.

Pre-registration is required for this class.  The class is open to ages 10+ with a class size limit of 12.  ALL youth under the age of 16 must have a registered participating adult with them in the class.


Thursday, October 26th, 5:00-7:30pm

Register online at or call 320-632-0960.

Join Great River Arts for a Halloween themed sip and paint.  The class will take place on October 26th, 5:00-7:30pm in the GRA gallery.  Painting starts at 5:30pm, bar opens at 5pm.  

Pre-registration is required for this class.  The class is open to ages 21+ with a class size limit of 20.


Pay class by class orrrrr save BIG when you buy a 10 Class Punch Card or 5 Class Punch Card - (includes all tools, glazes, and firings as well as 10 or 5 lbs of clay. Additional clay costs $1 per lb) Your punch card will be kept at the front desk, making each class check-in as simple as a wave, a smile, and a *click*.

***All September dates the studio is open 5-7:30pm

***All October work time Wednesday to Friday 11am-5pm

This program is open to ages 14+ with a class size limit of 8.

Member $15, Non-Member $20.  Pre-registration required. 

Time to work in the studio to practice with clay.  Pinch pots, slab bowls, throwing, ect.  Interested to try clay?  Come in and see what's going on, no long-term commitment. (***this is not a wheel throwing class - although we have an upcoming class taught by Rachel Gold on October 25th & 27th)

To register call 320-632-0960 or visit


Paint your spirit animal

Saturday, October 21st, 10-4pm

Member: $115/Non-member: $125

In this one day workshop, you will learn to create abstract underpaintings based on using a visual haiku of intersecting lines to reveal the curve of a back, the long lines of an elegant neck, the hard charging hump of a bison or whatever animal you see in the lines you paint.  Using a wet into wet technique  with acrylic which Tracy will demonstrate two times over the course of the workshop, you will complete up to 2 abstract spirit animals sure to spark conversation.  Get ready to open your mind and let creativity flow through your brush.

This class is for ages 16+ and some prior experience is preferred.  All supplies are included in the class fee.   Minimum 6 student requirment, max class size is 16.  Pre-registration is required.



$250 Support Level


NEW! $30 Retail Artist (ONLY)

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  • Ability to utilize GRA's eCommerce service. 
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